About Us


Daily Tarot Readings at The Path of Being.... We are committed to personal empowerment and through our tarot reading we help guide you through the sometimes rocky road of life. We can help you see your challenges and your gifts. 

Daily Esoteric Healing at The Path of Being.... We can help you gain balance and healing through a variety of different healing practice's. 

We are a metaphysical store supplying gifts and books for conscious lifestyles. We have psychic and intuitive tarot readings daily. We offer a variety of different meditation options, such as crystal bowl mediation, guided meditation and Tibetan singing bowl meditation's. We offer a Mommy and Me yoga/meditation class every other Sunday  At the Path of Being we work together to help you balance all aspects in your life.

Join us as we support a variety of classes and workshops. Learn about astrology and tarot, essential oils and living magic. Take part in the Soul Life Series: Awakening, a guided meditation, and Emergence, an introduction to esoteric teachings. Meet our Intuitive Readers, and Esoteric Healers, Get a DNA activation or a Cord Cutting.  Participate in our classes in green living--organic gardening. Come play... and laugh and have some fun. 

The Path of Being is a long held dream of Theresa Ayers. Theresa has spent the majority of her life searching for spiritual development and growth. She has studied a variety of pantheons to include Christianity, Wicca, The Mystery School Teachings, Qabalah, and Esoteric Teachings/Ancient Wisdom Teachings. She believes that in order to grow through conscious living, one must be open to learning about other cultures, lifestyles, and belief systems. It is through understanding and compassion that we will change the world.


Located: 15248 S. Tamiami Trail Unit 300 Fort Myers, Florida 33908

Phone: 239-437-5141