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Insight, understanding, and guidance are just a few things a tarot reading can bring you. Everything you need to navigate this life is within you. A tarot reading can help you connect with your higher self, guides, and source energy to bring clarity and direction.

At The Path of Being, we believe that intuitive tarot readings are different from the more "traditional" psychic readings. We believe in personal empowerment and helping you navigate life's opportunities and challenges.

As intuitive readers and psychics, we help you see the different paths available so you can choose the direction you want to take. 

The awareness and empowerment a tarot reading brings can open the door for more peace and happiness in your life. Whether you are facing hardship or difficult choices or your life is in a place of abundance, a tarot reading can give you a bird's eye view of the road ahead so you can consciously choose the direction you want to take. 

You Hold The Power. We Just Help You Access It!

To get the most out of a tarot reading it is important to prepare for the reading. A tarot reading often illuminates things you may not be aware of, but most of the time people book a tarot reading because they want to gain insight into a particular situation or issue. To make sure you get the most out of your tarot reading it is important to prepare beforehand.

Formulate Your Question

Before your reading, start thinking about the situation, concern, and/or questions you want more information about. You can write them down to help keep them top of mind and available for review during your reading.

Try to combine your questions into one overarching question. Depending on the time allotment you may be able to address multiple concerns or questions but having a comprehensive direction will help you focus the reading.

Acknowledge Your Desires

If you want something in particular or if you are looking for a certain outcome formulate that in your question. “How do I accomplish or what do I need to do to get x,y,z?” 

Be Open to the Outcome

Life is interesting and full of surprises, sometimes we get what we want and sometimes what we think we want is not actually as good as what is waiting for us. Be open to the information that will be revealed to you during your tarot reading. To live a conscious empowered life we need to be open and ready for the opportunities and options that are presented to us throughout our journey.

Ask for Aid

Reach out to your higher self, guides, angels, and/or your higher power to ask for aid in your reading. Your guides and higher self are not only suited to help you, but they are also ready and waiting to help you. A tarot reading offers illumination, healing, and guidance it is the perfect environment to open the communication lines between you and source energy. 

Center Yourself

15 - 30 minutes before your reading work on centering yourself. You can do this with meditation, time outside in nature, or with some quiet alone time. Feelings of nervousness and excitement before a reading are normal but if you ground yourself you will be better prepared to absorb the information and guidance being given to you in the reading. 

Remember & Review

Illumination can come during and after a reading. Be prepared to take a few notes on important points or information that you would like to remember and review after your reading. During a reading you will have quite a few aha moments and possibly a few head-scratching ones too. A reading can look at possibilities open to you now and into the future, when you take down a few notes you can keep them handy to help you recognize some of those guide posts you discussed with your reader.

Tarot Reading with Theresa

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