Meet the Reader's


Theresa Ayers ~ Intuitive Reader

When I was sixteen, I picked up my first tarot deck. Over the years, I've learned how to work with the cards through a variety of sources: teachers, books, and intuitive learning. I like to consider myself an intuitive reader, more of a guide. You have the ability to choose and to change anything. As an intuitive reader, I help you to see your gifts, your challenges, and your choices.

I have spent most of my life discovering or rediscovering spirituality. I have studied Christianity, Wicca, the Mystery School Teachings, Qabalah, and Esoteric Teaching. My belief is that we have all come here on this earth walk for a purpose, something we are meant to do and complete. I would like to help you find your path.

 Dolores ~ Energy Reader

Energy Readings By Dolores  - Dolores will feel in the energy that surrounds you utilizing the cards of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit. (Deck is by Lisa Michael's)

This type of reading is a guide to what is in your current energy to help you discover what message from Spirit needs to be clarified to you.  After your reading Dolores will do a healing drum ceremony to enhance the reading.


Melissa Davidson ~ Angelic Intuitive

I am an Angelic Medium and an Author. I have a three part series on Messages From Heaven. God gave me amazing gifts to help others and with those gifts I can give you your life's path to help you achieve your goals.

I don't just tell you; I show and teach you as I draw your path. I give Spiritual Guidance, Messages from your Angels in Heaven; and Spiritual Cleansing.


Kathy McGregor ~ Medium 

I am a seer from Scotland and  well known for my high level of Medium and Clairvoyant. I reads Tarot cards and I have clients in many countries. I have been blessed with many gifts including Aura readings.