Classes and Workshops

Classes and workshop to help you on your journey of self discovery so that you may live a happy full life... 

Crystal Bowl MeditationHealing Through Sound

Stress can leave you feeling anxious, disconnected, and short tempered. A crystal bowl meditation allows you to step outside your head, to be present in this moment, which can help release the stress your feeling.

At The Path of Being we have created an evening of relaxation, rejuvenation, and healing.

A Guided Meditation, Heart Opening Healing Meditation

There are many forms of meditation and each creates a landscape to explore who you are. To shift that energy which is you...

Gwen Peterson's Heart Opening Healing Meditations involve channeling the Mentoring energies of many Archangels and Ascended Masters (sometimes referred to as holding the energetic space) so that attendees have the opportunity to connect to these mentoring energies in a way that can have a profound effect on them. The end result is building a relationship with your Soul and to begin a dialogue with your intuitive Self.

Join us as Gwen Peterson shares her Silent Heart Centered Healing Meditation with Archangels and Ascended Master

Your Path to WellnessLife just feels good when your energy is high and your feeling your best...

At The Path of Being we talk about a lot of stuff around here. Healthy living come in many forms.... Meditation, breathing technique's, centering and balance, Qigong, Tai Chi, yoga and of course nutrition and the love of healthful (New Word :-) ) food.

Are you looking for a place where you can talk about health and nutrition in real life terms, a place where you participate in the conversation and exchange then The Path of Being is for you.

Astrology and You... A Journey of Personal DevelopmentIn these classes, you will have an opportunity to discover who YOU are. Each person in the class will receive a copy of their own chart and through the classes you will be learning more about YOU.

In these classes we will be digging deeper into your Elements and States or Qualities, Your Sun, Moon and Rising signs, your planets and how they relate to the houses in your chart. We will be looking at the combination between the houses, planets, and astrology signs and how that energy blends. Sound like fun!!! :)

This is one of my favorite classes... I love teaching it. I learn something new every time! :) See I believe that your astrology chart is a guiding post and can help you discover your gift's and your challenges thus helping you understand yourself and using that information to live your life to it's fullest potential. Woo Hoo... I'm loving this! 

The Sisterhood... She Tribe 

Our ancient memory shifts and the Goddess within awakens. Come spend an evening reconnecting to that part of you, which has laid dormant for far too long. Reconnect with your sisters as they awaken and you learn that you are no longer alone. The Sisterhood…. She Tribe!

What are you creating? Dreams are hard to catch if your not going after them... What are you creating in your life?
What are you battling?  How you resolve past pain, blame and guilt will help you to understand the undercurrents that are directing the flow of your life. 
Where is your strength? You are much stronger then you know yourself to be, yet you don't know your strengths? How do you get through, over or out of situations that would pull you down? 
Where is your weakness? Your greatest strength can often times be your greatest weakness. Do you know yours?                                                        What would you change? Your growth is depended on your ability to change. What you resist will persist until you can move on.

Creating a full rich life starts with your creative abilities. However, it is important to recognize that no one does it alone. Here you get a chance to connect with others as you explore the world you are creating and the beauty within.