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We can find the fulfillment we are looking for by connecting with our higher self and reap the rewards of a deeper knowledge of ourselves.

We all experience times in our lives when we feel unfulfilled; that sense of feeling like something is missing but you can't seem to put your finger on what it is....  Inside of us is this vast reservoir of wisdom and knowledge. We often call this place our Higher Self...

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I am a writer. I have ton's of journals all over the place. I haven't been writing very much recently. That's about to change.   Writing helps me connect my thought's and to grow, intellectually and well as emotionally. It helps me figure out what I am trying to create....

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Day #1 of My Brand Story Challenge...  When did you first come up with the idea for your business? What struck you about it? I’m not sure when I came up with the idea of The Path of Being, specifically. Since I was 16 I have wanted to own my...

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