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Crystals are beautiful forces of energy that vibrate at specific frequencies and perform a variety of different healing functions. However, to maximize your crystal’s healing energies, it’s important to care for your crystals and to connect with the crystals you’re working with on an energetic level.

What Crystals Do I Need?

A common question we receive is, what crystals do I need? There are a lot of crystals to choose from, and they can assist and heal in many ways. First, you must select the perfect crystal or crystals for the issue or goal you need help with. 

One way to figure out which crystals you need to start with is to determine the situation you would like to work on. 

Crystal Healing For:

  • Love
  • Health
  • Money
  • Energy
  • Abundance
  • Clarity
  • Career
  • Creativity

For example, you might want to work on clearing negative energy around yourself and your environment, or maybe you would like to bring more love into your life through self-love, a significant other, a new relationship, or perhaps your career and financial concerns hold the highest priority. 

Whatever you’re working on, there is a crystal that can help you. 


Crystal Research

Do a little research to find the best crystal for you. You can Google the issue you’re working on and see what crystals are recommended to pair with it. We recommend checking 2 - 3 sources to confirm the accuracy of the information you find. 

There are also several different books you can purchase that can help you find the right crystal for you. I like “Power Crystal” by Kac Young Ph.D., and for a more in-depth crystal book, Crystal, Gems. & Mineral Guide” by Stefan Mager is an excellent choice. 

You may also consider going to a local crystal shop. Most of the people who work there have a deeper understanding of crystals, their properties, and how they work. They can be an excellent resource for you.

We would also be happy to help. Contact us through our website or social media profiles, and we can direct you.


Clearing & Charging Crystals

Part of caring for your crystals is clearing and charging crystals. Now that you have determined the crystal or crystals that you will be working with and have purchased your crystals, it is time to clear your crystals. 

4 Methods to Clear & Charge Your Crystals

The most common way to clear your crystals of negative energy is to sage them. Running your crystals through sage smoke is a Native American ritual for clearing negative energy. You can also use Sweet Grass, Palo Santo, or Incense. You can also use the Earth to assist you by burying your crystals and returning them back to mother earth. This is an excellent way of clearing and recharging your crystals. 

Additionally, many people use the full moon to clear their stones. The Full moon is a great time to release things that are not here for your highest good. Last but not least, you can also place your crystals in a window or outside in the sun to charge and/or energize your stones.

Charging Crystals with Intention

Now it’s time to charge your crystal with purpose and intention. Take your crystal, after you have cleared it of any lingering negative energy, and place it in your hands. Bring your hands to your heart and allow yourself to connect with your crystal energetically. You can close your eyes and ask the crystal if it will work with you. I have never heard a No. 

Then bring your hands, with the crystal in them, up to your Third Eye, in the middle of your forehead. It is here that you set your intention. Explain to your crystal how you would like to work with it. Tell it the specific issue or goal you are working on. Finally, hold your hands, with the crystal in them, out in front of you, in front of your heart center. 

This makes the mind, body, and spirit connection. You have now charged your crystal.


Crystal Meditation

It's important to continue working with your crystals; one way you can do that is through meditation. Often, I suggest to my clients when working on a specific issue to hold the crystal when they meditate. Put the crystal in the left hand and relax your arm on your leg or next to your body, which ever is most comfortable for you. As you meditate, focus on the crystal and the issue, and ask for guidance. 

Crystal Meditation Technique

Allow yourself to relax by using your breath
A simple Prana breathing method is to 
  • Breathe in through the nose, counting to four 
  • On the count of four, Hold for a count of four
  • Exhale through the mouth, counting to four
  • Pause on the count of four
    Repeat this breathing method for two minutes

      During this process, you will find your body relaxing, balancing, and centering. As you reach this point of relaxation, you open yourself up to the energetic healing vibrations of your crystal. See yourself wrapped in the vibrant color of the crystal as it begins its healing process. Stay in this energy and notice any images, feelings, or sensations that may emerge.

      When you feel ready, allow yourself to come back into your body by moving your fingers and toes. 

      • Release the crystal into your lap
      • Bring your hands together and begin rubbing them
      • Once you feel them warm up place them over your eyes
      • When ready, remove your hands from your eyes and slowly open your eyes 

      Write down anything you may have experienced during your meditation. Think about how it relates to the issue or goal you are working on. See if you observe any correlations or answers coming up. All will not be seen at once… this is a work in process. 

      Stick to it, and what you’re looking for will be found.

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