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I am a writer. I have ton's of journals all over the place. I haven't been writing very much recently. That's about to change.
Writing helps me connect my thought's and to grow, intellectually and well as emotionally. It helps me figure out what I am trying to create. It helps me see the big picture.
I use to write poetry, usually when I was really unhappy. I found it easier to express my feeling that way. It's been awhile since I have done that too.
It's funny how I let things... stuff, get in the way of what is important. It's so easy to get lost and without even realizing it a decade or two have passed.
I forgot to look for the beauty, in myself and those around me. I forgot to expect beauty... love, friendship, integrity, honor. I forgot. I got caught up. I got caught up in the stuff.
Well no more. I think I am going to take a different route. A different path and get back to myself and who I really am. It's a new journey. I think I might be surprised.
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