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Ace of Wands

I have been studying the Tarot Cards for many years... :) and recently I have been revisiting the Wands. I love the energy of the wands. All that fire. In the tarot the wands represent fire and spiritual will, intuition, strength and the way to move forward. Here we see determination and the courage to stay the course.

At the beginning you have the Ace of Wands... Spiritual self realization, an awakening has begun and thus a journey of self discovery, if you choose to accept it. As you move forward it will become increasingly difficult not to speak your truth, to hide your authentic self. to see the true beauty that lies inside.

This journey can take up to a year... but with the guidance of the fiery staff you will see your way through. This is a moment of true evolution as the self begins to grow and open to new possibilities, for possibilities abound.

Learn to read the sign's that are given. Call on you guilds, guardians, and angels for guidance and support . You will win the day! 


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