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A short Tarot reading... Past, Present, Future

In the Prince of wands we see that things have been difficult…. You have worked hard at accessing your courage and ability to move forward. There have been times when you thought of giving up but have stayed the course. It is in this journey that you have begun to embrace your true self. Learning that there is more to you then you have allowed yourself to be. Through action you are finding your strength.

You have taken what you learned to release that which no longer serves you… as you have learned that endings are nothing more than new beginnings. You are no longer distracted by what others want you to be. You are in the process of transforming into what you want to be. You are aware that the fear is there but you are no longer allowing it to control you.

As you continue to transform into your true self the Chariot helps you to know that victory is ahead. That with determination you will continue to grow. As in all things there is an ebb and flow. There is victory in that which you have released but there is also the continued work ahead with the knowledge that you have the ability, strength, and courage to forge new roads   

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