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The Two of Wands, Dominion, is about creating your own world, taking responsibility for your life and not allow circumstances to dictate your reality.

Welcome to Tarot Talk... The card for today is the Two of Wands... Dominion, I personally like to call it the merchant’s card.

In order for us to talk about the Two of Wands we must first consider the Ace of Wands... One thing to note is that wands are all about fire and action and with the Ace of Wands we see the birth of an idea, we see inspiration, desire and drive. This is the idea stage where you sit and develop the concept.

In the Two of Wands you begin to plan and create your goals.... Here your focus is on personal empowerment. It is the recognition that you are the ruler of your life. As you work with this energy pay attention to the opportunities around you. This is not the time to stand still. Gather the lessons that you have learned in your life and start putting them to work. Everything you have ever done has brought you to this moment. Accept responsibility for yourself and grow, achieve and succeed! This is the chance to create the world you want and not be a victim of circumstances.

In order to assure success you must make your idea's concrete... Write them down, this will help you bring them in to the world. When you see something it becomes real and so with the written word. This may mean that you have to step outside of your comfort zone and take control of the situation in order to bring in a more positive outcome.

 The one thing I want you to know is that at this time... the energy and the inspiration is there and you are being supported in your growth... Have the courage to come out and embrace it!


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