Tarot Talk, Three of Disk

Three of Disk Thoth Deck
Welcome to Tarot Talk...
Today I pulled the 3 of Disks. This is the energy we will be working with this week.
This card, when drawn, indicates that you are committed to seeing a situation or relationship through to completion. With Aries in Capricorn we see that fiery energy that has no bounds, that can propel you through any obstacles and clear the way to success. It is an energy once started that can't be stopped. It is the energy of perseverance, strength of character, endurance, fortitude and commitment.
It is important that you make sure that this situation has that mind ~ heart ~ soul connection for you. You need to understand why you're doing what you're doing, You need to understand the long game in order visualize what you are creating or it will take longer to achieve. 
What tools do you have that can help you achieve your goals?
What do you need to continue to move forward?
How can you expand and grow in such a way that helps your succeed?
Visualize, Expand, and Grow... You will succeed. 

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