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Welcome to Tarot Talk! Today, I thought I would share a question that one of my clients asked me this week. Just in case you might be thinking about it too. They asked me, "When they should get a tarot reading? You might be surprised by how many people wonder about that.

Myself, I like to have a tarot reading at the first of the year. I also suggest on your birthday. My birthday is the 6th of February, so I do a New Year and Happy Birthday combination. Additionally, I think you could have a tarot reading when you’re facing something big in your life. A new job, a marriage, moving, ya know, stuff like that!

Tarot Talk

A tarot reading can give you another perspective. It’s a way for you to look at different aspects of a situation. It also allows you to play with possibilities. Maybe your faced with two different choices; maybe your faced with two different job opportunities. What kind of opportunities there? If I need to move out of town, what then? What are some of the challenges I might be faced with? See, It’s about considering and playing with the possibilities.

So, when should you get a tarot reading? Whenever you feel you need too. :-)

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