Tarot Talk A Lesson to Be Learned

A Tarot Reading… Lesson to Be Learned. Welcome to today’s Tarot Talk. May you find inspiration, knowledge and answers to some of the difficulties you have been experiencing of late. Namaste

What did you learn? The Five of Wands calls your attention to the conflict you have experienced in your life. There are times in life when the lessons to be learned come from discord in yourself or with others. Were you allowing your fears or the chaos caused by others to disrupt your dreams and the life you’re creating? It’s been a difficult time.

This situation is moving you toward finding the balance you need in your life so that it can grow into a place of beauty and peace. In the Three of Disk’s you now understand that in order for you to create the life you long to live, you will need to believe in yourself and not allow the actions of others to sway your course.

As you continue on your journey, you will find that truth, honor, and integrity are more than just words. They have become the anchor by which you live. It is here that you begin to manifest your goals and dreams. By releasing self-doubt and negativity you are opening yourself to life’s possibilities. In the Three of Wands we see progress after much frustration as you decided want your life was to be.  

And finally we see the foundation of the 2 of Swords in peaceful reflection as you wait for more information. This is not the time to go rushing out haphazardly. Take a moment. Allow yourself to integrate all that you have learned, manifesting all that you need is happening now, as we speak. Keep moving forward, pay attention to the signs, gather the information you need to grow. All is as it should be.

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