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Recently, one of my clients asked me if they could do their own tarot reading, and I was very excited about that question. I love the tarot. It is a guiding post for me. So I thought I would address that question here, just in case you might be interested in doing a little tarot reading for yourself.

Tarot Reading

As a tarot reader, I often read the tarot for myself. However, I have found that the secret to personal readings is in the way I approach the tarot that makes the difference. When I come to the tarot looking for guidance, and I’m feeling less emotional, then I find that the reading opens and flows smoothly.

If I come to the tarot reading feeling emotional and asking what is going to happen, I often find the tarot will reflect my fears back to me. I can tell you that this does not work very well!

Often, I think what we need is simple guidance… What would be the best way to handle this situation? Is there something I am missing within this situation? What else can I do that would help me ensure success within this venture? What are some of the challenges I can expect in this relationship?

As you can see, there are several ways you can ask the tarot for its help and guidance. You have the gift of choice, and as you face a multitude of roads and choices, you can find guidance in some of the spiritual tools that have been given to you to help you on your way.

Thanks for joining me for Tarot Talk.

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