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Find out how online tarot reading works and how you can trust if they are real... Are online tarot readings real?


What a great day to talk about tarot readings! Today’s question: Are tarot readings online real?

Yes, absolutely! However, the “how” is a little complicated. But I am going to try my best to explain how this works.


Now, the first thing you have to understand is that nothing is solid. We learn from quantum physics that everything is comprised of energy, and that includes us/you (people). Now, a tarot reader, or for that matter anyone, can tap into that magnetic field. It’s everywhere around us, in us, and because of that, you can tap into that energy field - your energy field.

Okay, so it stands to reason that the next question would be: How do you know you’re tapping into my energy field? This is the thing; I can only speak from my experiences. When I am doing a tarot reading, I connect energetically with the person, and I spend some time before the reading connecting through meditation and listening for information that spirit wants to share. The truth is is that the information I receive doesn’t come from me. It comes from your guides, your angles, and your soul, known to most as your higher self. I am more of a conduit. I receive the message and then share it.  I receive information in different ways. Sometime the information comes to me in pictures or symbols other times it can be more of an audio experience, in that I hear words and other times it can be a combination of both.

I would say it is pretty much the same when I am doing an in-person tarot reading, phone tarot reading, or a Skype tarot reading. So there you go, that’s how it works, now ya know!  :)
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