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The Two of Wands is the learning process of dominion… At the Ace of Wands an awakening accrued, an awakening of who you are at your core, self-realization. At the Two of Wands you move into the journey of self-discovery. Here you see the beginning of the integration of power and responsibility…. self-government. You discover your weakness and your strengths.

Often when you think of dominion. You think of power over… the right to rule and have authority over others yet with the Two of Wands you see dominion as a form of personal development. The right to rule over oneself. To be a force for good and value the personal rights of others.  Here you see stewardship.

The Two of Wards is an excellent symbol to work with or meditate upon when you are in the process of starting something new. It is here that you begin to see yourself growing and evolving into something more. It is here that you can start developing your leadership skills. It is here that you begin to take ownership of your life and how you will move through it.

Let the Two of Wands motivate you to change….

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