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Tarot Talk 3

Can tarot readings change? I love this question. The answer… but of course, they can!

Why? Because you are the one who is in charge. It’s just that simple. It’s that “freedom of will” thing. So here’s the deal. I had a client come in, and we did a tarot reading on her situation. (Note… privacy.) The tarot reading had indicated that this situation would follow a certain path. When she came in a couple of months later, the path had changed.

Now, at first, we were both surprised. I mean it looked so certain at our last tarot reading. However, upon further investigation, we realized that my client wasn’t altogether sure she wanted that anymore. Bam! That’s it! That’s all it takes.

I know you have heard the saying… be careful what you wish for. Well thoughts are things, and you can bring them to you, and you can send them away. A tarot reading can help you define what you want in your life and then help you get it.

Thanks for joining me on Tarot Talk!

By Theresa Ayers 1 comment


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  • karen

    can you tell me about your tarot card readings, where you do them, the cost, etc. Thank you.

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